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This site is for complete beginners (starting from square one - get it?:) who like the idea of being able to play guitar but have no idea where to start, you will find some great beginners tips and basic information that will help start off in the right way and maybe give you some direction on how far you want to progress in the future.

Whether you want to get serious and be a rock star who can play face-melting solos in front of a live audience, or sit around a camp fire strumming an acoustic along to a family sing-song is entirely your choice, but whatever you want to learn, everyone has to start at the beginning with learning and practicing the basics, there are no shortcuts, and I hope I can inspire you to enjoy learning this great instrument by not overloading you with too much complicated theory and trying to explain and simplify it as much as possible.

Tips For Complete Beginners

Discover many of things you should know about learning to play to guitar that other sites don't tell you about.
Start Here: How to play the guitar

Guitar Theory Explained

Music theory is pretty heavy going for a newbie, but you do need to know it, we explain the important stuff you need in laymans terms without getting overly technical.
Read up on beginner guitarist theory

Resources For Guitar Players

We have included links to other online resources including lots of backing tracks to speed up your learning process once you can play a little.
Find out more about learning guitar online

You will find advice on buying your first guitar, and the mistakes to avoid when buying which may prevent you throwing money away. I will show you how to play all the basic guitar chords you need to play thousands of great songs and explain a lttle about guitar theory in laymans terms, that you need to know about in order to advance your skills more quickly, and actually understand what you are doing. You will also learn all the basic and advanced playing techniques a guitarist needs to have in their locker whatever style of music you want to play. I have also included various guitar backing tracks to suit various areas of music you may like to play along to, once you learn a few chords and scales, perhaps later on you will be able to play your own solos over these tracks.

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About Me

Yes, it really is my ugly mug there, meet the brains? haha, behind this site, a quick bio.

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My Favorite Axe Players

Everyone has their own list of favorites, and this is mine, see how many are yours too!

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One Thing A Beginner Must Know...

If you don't do this you will never be able to play!

Find out what it is here...

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Equipment of the Stars... how to sound like...

If you want to try and duplicate the sound of your favorite players, here you will find out what gear they use.

...This Section Coming soon...

Originally I wanted to offer my own course for budding guitarists, but I don't have the time, expertise, (or the money) to create really professional guitar tuition videos (see some reviews here), and rather than do a poor job of it myself I am happy to recommend some other great online guitar tuition sites such as Jamplay that have many expert tutors and a professional production team, for you to learn from that I have had the opportunity to look at and review myself.

Those sites I recommend are excellent learning centers, all for a tiny fraction of the cost of private guitar tuition and offer really good value for money for the small monthy subscription fees they all charge.

You folks are very lucky bunnies, the internet has made learning to play a guitar to a very high standard easier and cheaper than ever before with a wealth of material available at the push of a button that used to take years to learn by yourself. Good luck.

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