Blues Backing Tracks In The Keys of A

Here is a collection of some of the best Blues backing tracks recorded in the key of A.

As they're blues tracks, you should begin by playing over them with notes from the A blues scale.

If you haven't yet memorized the patterns, you will find the A blues scale patterns here.

You may remember the scale shapes for the blues scale are identical to the minor pentatonic scale with the addition of one extra note, the flattened 5th note from the minor pentatonic.

Theory reminder:

The A minor pentatonic uses the 1st 3rd 4th 5th and 7th scale degrees of the natural minor scale  - A, C, D, E, G,  so if you twang away on these notes you should mostly sound cool. Starting a riff on the root note of the chord in play, usually sounds best.

  To Use The Videos: (just in case anyone is not familiar with media players :-)

  • Left click once on an image to load and play that track.
  • Once the track starts playing, double left click anywhere on the video screen will get you full screen and playback controls.
  • Left clicking once anywhere on the video in play screen will pause it.
  • Press your keyboard Esc key to return to this page in normal view.

Slowish Blues/Funk in A Minor

Moderately Slow Funky Blues in A

12 Bar Blues in A with 7ths and 9ths

Slow Blues in A

Slow Blues/Funk in A minor

Slow Blues/Rock in A

Slow Chicago-style blues in A with slide backing


Moderately Slow Blues Shuffle in A

Blues in A Slow

Slow Blues in A minor

Slow A minor Blues

Moderately Slow Funky Blues in A

Very slow Blues in A