Hard Rock Backing Tracks In G Minor

Here is a collection of heavy rock for guitar solo practice recorded in the key of G minor.

As they're rock tracks, it generally sounds pretty good to solo over them with notes from the G minor pentatonic scale.

  Instructions For Playing: (just in case anyone is not familiar with media players :-)

  • Left click once on an image to load and play that track.
  • Once the track starts playing, double left click anywhere on the video screen will get you full screen and playback controls.
  • Left clicking once anywhere on the video in play screen will pause it.
  • Press your keyboard Esc key to return to this page in normal view.

Slash Style In Gm

Fast in Gm

Fast in Gm (2)

Moderately Slow in Gm

Melodius Moderately Slow in Gm

Fast Gm

Moderately Fast in Gm

Moderately Slow in G

Moderately Fast in Gm (2)

Moderately Fast in Gm (3)

Slow G Minor

Slow Rock Ballad G Minor

Melodic Moderately Slow in Gm