Hard Rock Guitar Backing Tracks



For fans of the classic heavy rock genre, here is a collection of some of the hard rock backing tracks for you to practice your soloing skills over.

This collection of backing tracks for lead guitar are all in the Key of B minor, so if you haven't learned that key pattern yet, now is a good time to start

Assuming you have learned the minor and/or the minor pentatonic scales in, say the key of A minor, it is just a question of readjusting the patterns so you fret the root or first note as a B.

As a reminder below is the first minor pentatonic scale pattern for B minor, written as tab, starting with your first finger on the 7th fret of the Low E string, this exact same pattern can be repeated again starting from the 19th fret, which means your pinkie will be playing notes on the 22nd fret, which of course is much more difficult as playing high notes this far down the neck requires much more fretting accuracy to produce clean notes, but this is very good practice.

If you are a relative beginner and you first start playing notes in the high register, you will notice one thing right away if you bought a cheapo guitar, it's really hard to play high register notes, and they sound awful, because the intonation is generally not great when you get past the twevlth fret, which is another reason I suggested buying the best guitar you can afford!

Tab For The B Minor Pentatonic Scale (first pattern)

7 - 10
7 - 9
7 - 9
7 - 9
7 - 10
7 - 10 (Low E string)

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Red Ibanez Guitar image link to - Hard Rock Backing Track Three Mp4 clip

Black Gloss Gibson LP Guitar with white hardware image link to backing track video

Les Paul Goldtop image link to backing videos

Marshal Amp with PRS Flametop image link to backing track videos

Custom Bodied Jackson Guitar image link to Mp4 Backing track video

Pretty Girl With Gibson image - link to Hard Rock Backing Track One Mp4 clip

Gibson SG image link to - Hard Rock Backing Track sixteen Mp4 clip