Hi there,

welcome to Square1Guitar.com

My name is Tim, yes, that's my ugly mug in the photo, sorry if it frightened you :-)

I taught myself to play the guitar from scratch, many years ago, sadly an injury forced me to give it up, so rather than waste the knowledge acquired, after a long struggle, I eventually taught myself a bit of web design, and decided to build this website to pass what I learned forward to anyone who wants to have a go at playing the electric guitar, which is my instrument of choice and what I learnt to play,

It makes no difference if you want to learn the acoustic guitar though, if that is what your prefer. The theory is the same, but if going with an acoustic you might want to learn to play with your fingers (Fingerstyle) as well as a plectrum or pick (flatpicking). I suggest your begin with a plectrum if starting from scratch.
Finger picking ala Mark Knopfler is possible with an electric of course, but is not that common in rock music.

When I started I had delusions of grandeur as most young guitarists seem to do, imagining being on stage with thousands of fans watching me as smoked the fretboard with a screaming, amp-busting solo, unfortunately I wasn't able to pursue that dream very far, but I was content with the level I attained, I actually suprised myself as I never thought I would be able to play a thing when I first decided to have a go, which just goes to show practice makes perfect.

Anyway, I hope you find something useful here and learn a few things.

Good Luck with your playing