What Beginners Must Know...

Well it started out as the first item below, but I expanded it a bit to 5 Things A Beginner Must Know.

You need to practice properly like hell, every day if possible, for at least one hour, preferably 10 haha... or at least until your fingers bleed :-)
The more you practice, the faster you will progress onto bigger and better things.

You will never learn to play just by watching videos and will end up a wannabe who knows a lot of stuff about playing but cannot actually play.

Never, ever, ever, practice mistakes, if you make a mistake, slow down and/or adjust your hand/finger position and start again. Get it right... every time, do it!

I'll qualify that statement a little more, as it pertains more to fretting notes when playing scales and fingering chords.
Some techniques like string-bending and vibrato are difficult to master, and errors or just the sheer inability to do them are inevitable whatever speed you play them at, these cannot be avoided by beginners, just keep practicing.

Don't try and learn all the scales at once.
Learn and memorize one pattern at a time starting with the 5 Major scale patterns first (in A) properly, before moving on to the minors, blues and pentatonics, depending on which area of music you have the most interest in.
It will help you greatly if you memorize some scale theory, because once you know the notes of one scale, you can work out the notes in others.