Online Guitar Lessons

The Best Guitar Lessons Online For Beginners

Firstly I will start with a few nuggets of advice to anyone aspiring to play this awesome instrument, these tips assume you are an absolute beginner and have little or no knowledge about playing.

When I first started playing I was broke and couldn't afford private guitar tuition fees, but I quickly realized I needed some well planned guitar lessons if I wanted to get anywhere, sadly that was before the days of the internet.

Many novice guitarists, and that includes myself, quickly become a sponge soaking up as much information from books and other learning aids as they can, when I started the internet as we know it today did not exist, so folks today are very lucky and will spend days searching on Video sites to find free guitar lessons in the hope of quickly being able to play.

At this point you are in for a shock... you cannot learn to play by watching videos, you have to practice like mad as well :-)

Yes, it all seems great, a free lesson here and a free lesson there, but let me advise you from experience this is a mistake, and it will impede your progress a lot, how do I know? I did the same thing myself and always regretted trying to learn guitar for free and not making the investment in paid lessons.

You see, trying to teach yourself is so much more difficult because, unless you are exceptionally talented, you have to learn everything verbatim from a book, CD or video which although it helps you somewhat makes you totally reliant on it, there is no substitute for being shown how to play riffs and techniques from a professional guitar tutor, who will often throw in other tips and tricks, variations and riffs you will never find in any book.

You also have access to all that free guitar tab you can find dotted about that sounds nothing like what it is supposed to unless you learn how to interpret it properly.

Another point about tab is that very little of it is professionally compiled and that usually means, although it may sound similar to the song you are trying to learn, the notes, chords  etc are often not correct as per the original track, but that's not a problem as long as you enjoy playing it.

Trust me when I tell you that under the guidance of expert guitar tutors your skills will improve at a fantastic rate and much faster than you ever thought possible, especially when put together with structured training from other really skilled guitarists.

Recently a friend of mine decided he would like to have a stab at playing an instrument and because he liked rock music he decided it would have to be an electric guitar.

He is actually not short of money and taking my advice to the limit he decided to join all the online guitar tuition courses he could find on the internet to see which one he liked best and that he thought suited him well. Once he had decided, he cancelled the other subscriptions and just stuck with his favorite.

He travels around a lot and thus cannot take regular offline lessons with a static tutor but has plenty of free time and of course internet access at all times.
He also gave me access to the courses he joined to see what I thought about them, mainly because I had told him I was building a website about guitars for beginners.

So with what I learned I was able to pick those I thought were really worth their subscription fees to someone who has just started to play or want to improve their skills considerably and offered really great value for money, even though the actual subscription fees for all the sites were very low for what they offer the novice guitarist.