Guitar Tricks Review

Here we take an in-depth look at one of the most popular guitar tuition sites on the internet.

Anyone who wants to learn how to play the guitar but cannot afford private lessons will usually turn to the internet to look for a cheaper alternative. Fortunately for the beginner there are at least 3 main choices of site that offer online guitar lessons.

This article is a review of the Guitar website which was the first subscription site to offer online lessons for the guitarist. has been for online about 18 years and has therefore attracted the biggest user base, and giving them many years to build a huge library of learning materials as well perfecting the way the courses are structured and attracting some excellent guitar tutors onto their site to provide the easy-to- follow lessons, and of course building their excellent reputation.

You will see right away if you visit the Guitar Tricks site they are a professional business and have the site well laid out for visitors and members making it easy to navigate around.

Obviously if your are thinking of signing up to a guitar membership site such as Guitartricks, then you will want to ensure you are getting the most value for money, even though all online guitar lesson sites have very low subscription rates compared to what you would pay for even one hour of private tuition, you still want the best bang for your buck.

Here on Squareoneguitar we want to help put you on the road to being a competant guitar player, and in our opinion, not to mention thousands of other folks, sites that offer good guitar tuition courses are by far the best and cheapest way to progress quickly toward your musical goals, without a doubt.

If you would rather see the Guitar-tricks site in a side-by-side comparison of online guitar lesson sites and line them up against (see review) and Infinite you might want to visit the page in that link.

As this is a review of Guitar Tricks lets concentrate just on them here and first give you an overview of the features this site has to offer and then give more details for each of the site features below, some in the form of important questions that you may like answered before parting with any money.

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Guitar Tricks Main Features:

  • 11,000+ Lessons with regular additions

  • High quality downloadable HD Videos

  • Structured core learning system

  • Over 40 tutors covering all styles

  • Beginners step-by-step program.

  • Onscreen notation system

  • 600+ popular song library

  • Advanced techniques sections

  • Case studies on famous players

  • Competitively priced

  • 14 Day free try out

  • 60 Day money-back guarantee.

Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Guitar Tricks course structured?

Very well for novices with a step-by-step style of teaching, that help you build on what you learnt in
previous lessons. Intermediate and Advanced players can pick and choose exactly what they want to play,
as once you reach a certain standard, all that is left is to hone your skills.


How quickly will I be able to play using the Guitar Tricks teaching methods?

Well faster than you thought possible that's for sure, but ultimately your progress will depend on you, by that I mean how much and how well you practice.

How good is Guitar Tricks for beginners?

If you have never played before and would like to learn from scratch then Guitartricks offers an excellent learning package for complete beginners with their Core Learning System.
The core learning tutorials will teach the novice all of the basic knowledge required that enables you to build on a set of foundational skills.
This grounding is very important and it will put you well in front of self-taught players who never had this knowledge at the beginning and so took them much longer tp learn to play.

The Core lessons for beginners are actually in two parts, which is a good idea because it stops newbies being overwhelmed before they start.

The first section, Level 1, will teach you correct posture and playing technique for the left and right hands, and cover a lot of very basic things that you need. This is followed up with an introduction to guitar chords and how to play them, and a guide to playing melodies.

With Level 1 under your belt, Level 2 takes things up a notch, and introduces important music theory, and covers essentials like major and minor scales, more advanced chords, and how to apply what you have learned so far to play some simple songs.

Once you have learned the core system you will the basic knowledge you need to really start making progress, all you need to do is practice as often as you can to get your fingers trained.

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Is the Guitar Tricks site easy to use?

Yes, if you are at all familiar with finding your way around websites you will have no trouble navigating around, everything is clearly labeled and there is a good search function to help you further, if there is something you cannot see.

Compared to some of the other online learning sites I have looked at, personally I find guitar tricks is both well planned and well laid out, with nothing to confuse the visitor.

Are they going to run off with my money?

Haha, absolutely not, they are a very trustworthy site and their reputation speaks for itself, you won't find any bad press about them anywhere, I know because I checked.


Is their money back guarantee reliable?

Yes completely reliable, if you are not happy for any reason before your 60 days is up they will refund any payments you have made, without any fuss or arguments. The question is why would you refund? If you are serious and really want to learn the guitar this is a truly great site. 99% of members are not wrong.


Do they have good customer service if I have a problem?

The customer service department is fast, friendly and helpful, you wont have any problems here, with unanswered emails and long delays. For playing-related problems there is also a very active forum where you can get your questions answered quickly by experienced members.

Can I really try Guitar Tricks for free for 2 weeks with absolutely no catches?

Yes it's true, you can try out the site completely free of charge for 14 days, there is no catch.
After 14 days you must either pay your subscription or cancel your membership. This is a more-than-fair arrangement and gives you plenty of time to see if you like the site before making a small financial commitment.

This lengthy free-trial is not offered by any other online guitar lesson site, which proves the owners are confident you will love it and remain a loyal customer.

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Is the site easy to navigate, can I easily find the lessons I want?

The home page of the site, looks a little 'big' and may put some people off, however forget that once you get inside the site you will find the site easy to navigate around with the page contents neatly laid out in an easy-to-find fashion as mentioned above. The site has undergone many improvements from it's early days.

How does Guitar Tricks compare with other online tuition websites?

We decided to have a separate page to compare the various online guitar site offerings,

You can see the comparison page here

Do they have online tools I can use like a tuner etc?

Yes, inside you will find several useful tools apart from a tuner and metronome.

There is a fretboard trainer tool to help you learn the fretboard notes.
A chord finder which will give you the patterns for any chord in any key.
They provide a scale finder, that gives you the patterns for scales in any key.
probably best of all is the exclusive Guitartricks Jam station'


Are there any hidden extra costs?

I don't know about you but I hate this sneaky marketing tactic, but I am happy to report with guitartricks,com your subscription covers access to everything you see on the site, there are no hidden extras or nasty surprises lying in wait for you. Of course they likely have an email newsletter which is sent to subscribers on a regular basis, and no doubt some of these may contain promotions they have running, but this is expected from the majority of sites running an online business. One thing is for sure they will not bombard you with a ton of spam as they have a reputation to protect, in any event you are free to unsubscribe from any email list.

Is there a discount if I pay my subscription yearly?

Yes there is, see details below, and quite frankly if you are serious about wanting to play, then paying for a year will not only save you money, but may make you less likely to slack off with your practice because you have a little more money invested.

What type of guitar styles can I learn?

All popular music genres are covered in detail, there is more material for Blues, Rock and Metal fans. but you can also learn such styles as: Country, Bluegrass, Folk, Rockabilly, Funk, Jazz, Alternative, Surf and even Classical

I only want to play an Acoustic guitar, is Guitartricks suitable for me?

Of course, acoustic guitars are very popular because of their pleasing sound, and because they are easily portable and don't require electricity!so you will find enough material and videos about acoustic playing to keep you busy for a long time.

I can already play a little - does Guitar Tricks offer backing tracks to practice over?

Yes they do, I have seen a figure quoted of over 160 backing tracks covering all styles but I would think it is well in excess of this by now.

Can I download the practice materials?

Yes, and this is a major selling point for Guitartricks over it's main online rival All the lessons can be downloaded onto your PC so you don't have to log in to the site to see them and allowing you to play, replay and loop them via your computer's Media Players as you like. The loop function can also be done with the videos onsite, which is a great touch.

Another point to bear in mind if your PC is connected to Home Network and you are watching streaming HD videos you will be hogging the bandwidth for any other users in your house, slowing down anything they are doing online, and vice-versa if they are watching something.

Downloadable lessons are a very big plus for some users. You cannot download songs however as these are or may be subject to copyright terms of a third-party.

How do other guitar players rate the Guitar Tricks site?

With over 2.1 million members I would say pretty highly, and from people's comments I have read on other sites, they too agree the top notch tuition you will receive is second to none, the value they got from joining was beyond expectations, and many are amazed at the speed of their progress.

Of course, not everyone agrees, a good many others prefer the Jamplay site, but this is more of a personal preference for style, layout etc, both sites are superb for the beginner so take your pick, you will not be disappointed by either.

What about if I am left handed?

As it happens Jon Broderick, the founder of Guitar Tricks is also left-handed. He knew being a leftie was a problem, so he learned to play like a right-handed player. At first this may seem very awkward but you are going to be able to use both hands equally well anyway, just a keyboard player does, so it should be no big obstacle.

Also, being abidextrous is useful for other things in life. You can speed up your right hand learning by using that hand for everything you normally do with your left, and practicing writing with the opposite hand is very good for learning to control it as well as your left.

There are no specialist lessons for the left-hand player on the Guitar Tricks site, nor any other sites I'm aware of.
The only other alternative is to transpose any notation, scale patterns etc yourself which is not difficult and may increase your abilities.

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My internet connection is very slow, is Guitar Tricks still suitable?

A slow internet connection is usually the kiss-of-death for sites that use streaming videos, and usually I would recommend people with a really sluggish connection buy a guitar DVD learning course instead of trying to watch hours of buffering videos, which is a real turn-off.

However all is not lost for online learning with Guitar Tricks, because they allow you to download the video lessons to your computer, (this is limited to 15 downloads per user per day) which is more than enough.

Sure, it is still less-than-ideal, and it will take a while to download with a slow internet speed, but you only need do it once for each lesson you want to learn as it is not as though you can learn more than one lesson at once.

I also advise you against diving through lots of lessons picking out a section here and there, the courses are structured for a reason, any deviation will slow your progress, even though you may think you are advancing more quickly.

Are there any drawbacks or negatives I should know about before joining Guitar Tricks?

For what it costs and for what you can learn, there are no drawbacks to being a member of, (or any other online guitar learning site) there are no contracts you can cancel your subscription at any time.

As with most things in life, nothing is perfect and there are a few things that others have mentioned that could be improved.

Because they have been online for nearly 20 years, the videos produced in the early years are not HD quality as the technology did not exist then, however picture quality aside the lessons are just as valuable. The beginner videos are all HD.

Video/audio quality can also vary depending on the instructors recording equipment, but the standards are kept high by good quality control.

Certain styles of music are not backed by a huge amount of course materials like Blues and Rock are, and may be seen by some as somewhat lacking in these genres. That is a fair comment and I cannot disagree. Having said that, it may only be a deal breaker for people who can already play like intermediate and advanced players, for a beginner it is not a problem at all, you will not run out of stuff to play!


Are there any GuitarTricks discount coupons available?

Yes use this coupon code if your are interested in joining right away XXXXXXXXXX


How Are The Lessons organized?

Each lesson comes with material for you to refer to without going back to video, such as tabs and chord charts, all of which are downloadable in pdf format, which can then be printed off, or viewed on a PDF reader if you don't own a printer.

The majority of the tutorials are presented by independent guitar teachers, this inevitably means the audio and video quality of lessons varies, but a quality-control review process by the site admin stops low- quality videos from being added to the site, for you this means no lessons are bad, just that some are better than others depending on the the quality of the equipment on which they were recorded.

If you want to learn to play in the style of your favorite guitar hero, then, you can search the site for the 'By Inspiration' series of lessons that will help you learn the styles of dozens of the world's most famous guitarist's, from Jimi Hendrix to Kirk Hammett. This feature is a very helpful if you want to try and get close to the sound those players created.

The site can be searched according to your skill level too, from complete novice, easy to play, intermediate, advanced and super-advancedThis useful search function saves time because you don’t have to search through masses of lessons that are either too easy, too hard, or just not what you want to play.

The lesson formats offered at are many and varied from licks and riffs, to multi-part tutorials, to complete dedicated courses.


What is the current cost of Guitar Tricks Membership?

As of February 2016 there are two payment options.

Monthly billing at $19.95 - Charged automatically every month unless cancelled by you.

Annual Subscription - A one-time payment of $179.00 - This charge is NOT automatically rebilled every year, so you will need to renew it when the time comes.

Subscription Savings:

12 x $19.95 = $239.40
1 x  $179.00 = $179.00

Saving you a respectable $59.60 if you take out the annual subscription versus the monthly rate. You may get 4 to 6 hours private tuition for that! and that's very nearly 3 months free, in my, and many others opinion, a very good deal indeed for those who are at all serious about the guitar.

What Payment Methods are Accepted?

You can pay your subscription by Paypal or by MasterCard, Visa or American Express

Can I subscribe for someone as a gift idea, rather than for myself?

You can do better than that, and actually purchase a GuitarTricks Gift Certificate for them.

This is a very nice idea and adds a personal touch to the site, and perhaps a great gift for a young relative.
Depending on how much you would like to spend there are three cost options:

3 months - $59
6 months - $99
12 months - $179

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