Infinite Guitar Review

Quick Features Overview

  • 2100+ Lessons
  • Mobile/Tablet Responsive Site
  • 16 Professional tutors
  • Backing Track Downloads
  • Detailed Tablature & Notation
  • Most Guitar Styles covered Beginners to Advanced levels Lesson Bookmarking
  • Members Forum
  • Online Tools
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee
  • Free intro lessons

Infinite Guitar Review is the newest and the smallest so far of the 'big three' online guitar learning sites as they have only been online since 2008, but they have continued to grow in both materials and members since their launch and have rightly gained a strong foothold in the marketplace.

First Impressions

My first impression on visiting Infinite Guitar was positive, the pages are clean and uncluttered and are not festooned with Ads.

I am very experienced in website navigation, so I know what a good user navigation is and looks like, that on Infinite Guitar is excellent, very neat and very clear making it simple for anyone to find their way around. They also have an integrated search function coded into the site that makes finding the exact item of interest to you very easy indeed.

Who Is Infinite Guitar For?

The site is designed for 4 levels of guitarist, beginner, intermediate, advanced and what they call the 'crazy' level, which sounds like it might be about advanced shredding!

Is There A Community Forum?

Yes, there is quite an active forum which has around 8300 members last time I looked, with over 2200 threads and 13k posts, at the time I looked, 1pm GMT, there were 250 members logged into the forum, so it is pretty busy.

Are There Any Backing Tracks To Practice Over?

There are, at the time of writing, over 230 assorted backing tracks for you to practice over, as you will appreciate the majority of these are for intermediate and advanced players, but there are around a dozen or so for the beginner, which are played at a suitably slow tempo. This is more than enough for the novice to gain confidence at hitting the right notes at the right time and improving speed.

Lesson Features

Like the other large guitarist sites, Infinite Guitar does not just provide guitar tutorials for beginners, but offers a good amount of playing resources in various styles even for a seasoned veteran.

The courses are organized into planned lessons for complete beginners, intermediate, and advanced players, all of which can be easily accessed via the main navigation stripe.

The lesson plans are more or less equal to those available on Jamplay and Guitar Tricks, although you may find the instructors change within a particular lesson series. This may or not be to your liking if you favour the particular teaching style of one individual, however all of the 16 tutors Infinite are not only accomplished guitarists but are also very good at teaching what they know, with each of them offering plenty of tips, tricks and playing advice throughout the courses.

Lesson Format

The lessons are delivered via streaming Flash video which play in your browser, e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox,  or Internet Explorer
The videos will play on any PC or Mac that has a Flash Player installed, The Adobe Flash Player program is very popular but there are others.
The site's video player comes with a couple of useful controls like a pop-up screen companion which holds lesson notes to help you keep track of the lesson itself, you are also able to play the videos in full-screen mode and to dim out any on-screen background distractions.text from the

Backing Tracks Format

Adobe Flash is also used for streaming the guitar backing tracks format, but you have the added option here to download the backing tracks in mp3 format, this means they can be loaded onto your PC's hard drive, a removable memory stick, burnt onto a CD ROM, or uploaded to a portable media player, like an Apple iPod or Smartphone.

Infinite Guitar provides 230-plus backing tracks to play along with, however some these are the same track played at multiple tempos, which is actually a good idea because you can solo more slowly, gradually increasing your skill, and measure your progress when you try the same piece at a faster tempo, thus ensuring you really nail it.
You will find that the backing tracks encompass all the popular music styles, Rock, Blues, Country etc.

Online Tools

Infinite Guitar do not have as many user tools as the other two large sites as yet, but they do have a very useful dynamic chord tool which shows exact fingerings, and where to play them, for any chord on the fretboard. They also have an online metronome for keeping time while playing.

The Chord Finder is a useful feature, this online tool lets you choose any guitar chord and then have it
display on a virtual fretboard, then have the chord actually sounded as per an electric or acoustic guitar.


Any technical or account queries are dealt with promptly via email, but for students with playing questions, infinite guitar's instructors can be contacted directly via their own personal forum sections which are part of the main community forum. This hands-on approach is very helpful for beginners who don't quite understand things yet.

What Is The Cost Of Infinite Guitar Membership?

The monthly membership cost is just $10.95 per month, once set up this amount will be charged automatically to your preferred payment method every 30 days.

Are There Any Subscription Discounts?

Yes, if you prefer to pay quartely in advance, the subscription then works out at just $9.50 per month, which saves around 13% on the per-monthly charge. If you are really keen, like the other big guitar tuition sites out there, InfiniteGuitar offer you a 25% saving (versus the monthly charge) by signing up for the yearly membership, which is $99.00, this means you pay only a very reasonable $8.25 per month.

What Payment Options Are Available?

Standing payments can be made via a credit card or Paypal if you prefer

Is it safe to pay InfiniteGuitar with a Credit Card?

Absolutely, the membership signup page is on a secure web server with full data input encryption, meaning your details cannot be read by anyone else.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, although it is quite short compared with other sites, after signing-up you have 72 hours to evaluate everything on the site personally to make sure it is what you want, and that you are satisfied with the content, during this time you can get a full refund on any payment made.

After 3 days, you cannot get a refund on your first month's payment, but of course you can cancel your membership at any time you like, and no further charges will be made.

Do I need Broadband to watch the video lessons?

Yes, for best results and to avoid lots of buffering on the videos, you really do need a high-speed Broadband, dsl or cable connection, if you are unfortunate enough to still be on a dial-up service connection is not for you, if this is the case you will be much better off with a good guitar course on DVD, such as that produced by Gibson.

Is There A Free Membership Option?

Well there is, but it will only entitle you to forum access and nothing else, so you won't be able to view any guitar lessons or use any of the other site features. In other words you will not get much out of the free membership option, and you would be better off signing-up for a least a couple of months to see how you like it, you can cancel at any time.
That said, there are eight free sample lessons available on the site for anyone who wants to try before they buy.

Guitarist Forum

The members community forum also allows anyone to create their own blog either to document their progress publicly or to provide useful snippets and information about guitar playing in general.

The forum also includes built-in Social Networking tools for updating user profiles, adding friends, the sending of private messages to other members, caledar updating and other options.

Although good user communities are a nice thing to have access to and can help keep up a beginners motivation, you can end up spending a lot of time on them interacting with folks, if you are a novice this time is better spent practicing!

Bookmark your Favorite Lessons

To help you keep track of what lessons you have completed or are currently learning there is a bookmark feature within each lesson page with which you can quickly find what you need.

Every lesson on Infinite Guitar come with comprehensive tablature as well as standard music notation, for those people with some knowledge of musical theory.

State of the Art Lesson Search Interface

We very much liked the the lesson search function, with it you can quickly find the category you want, ordered by, topic, style, type, difficulty, media and by instructor.

Complete Lessons & Track your Progress

You can keep track of your playing targets and get detailed data on the lessons you have completed clicking on the checkbox buttons in the lists and lesson pages.

Optimized for Tablets & Smartphones

Infinite Guitar is fully optimized for tablets and Smartphones so you won't need to download any extra Apps, the site will automatically adjust to most modern device screens.

Downloadable Guitar Pro Files

Infinite guitar offer the option to download Guitar Pro software with their lessons, If you are not familiar with Guitar Pro, it is a software program which can be used to compose music, transcribe songs, or read guitar tab from the web.

It is difficult for newer sites to stand out among larger, well-established competition, in this case Jamplay and GuitarTricks,
but the folks running InfiniteGuitar have so far done an excellent job at caring out a chunk of the online guitar tuition market for themselves.

Although much smaller at present, InfiniteGuitar does offer the cheapest priced option for learning online, and gives lessons of comparable quality to the big 2 sites, and is certainly a worthwhile alternative for beginners looking for a planned structure to their learning.

The user interface is clear and very easy to navigate with their superb site-wide search function which enables you to sort lessons based on factors such as difficulty rating, style, lesson type etc.

InfiniteGuitar offers three different lesson plans. Any particular plan can be reached by selecting the 'Lesson Plan' menu from the navigation., from here you can choose your skill level, which will then guide you further with another list of what you can learn in that section.

Because the site is designed to be reponsive, you can access anything on the site via Smartphone smartphone, and content and navigation will still appear organized and wel laid out.

Infinite guitar also allows you to check out examples of course content before signing up with 8 free complimentary lessons, going through these will help you get a feel for the teaching styles and helping you decide if you like the way things are put together.

Infinite Guitar have gone out of their way to recruit some excellent tutors from all over the world, most of whom are music industry professionals, either as recording artists, private tutors or pro guitarists.

If you want to see how fares against the other major players check out this online guitar learning site comparison table here.